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Welcome to the Border Kingdoms

Look now, adventurers upon the lands of the Border Kingdoms! Those of your storied profession can make a life for yourself in this barely tamed land. In the Borders you can hide from persecution, seek out fame and fortune, or carve out a corner of the realms for yourself.

The Border Kingdoms are a rough collection of small realms ruled by kings, warlords, viziers, councils or nobles. Between these realms, there are ruins, forests and large sections of land controlled by monsters and various powers. Adventure awaits you here.

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A Land of Never-Ending Adventure

Look below for some featured modules for Adventurers League set in the Border Kingdoms.


Weird Tales

An eldritch entity from the stars above corrupts the minds of all that gaze upon it; the corruption breeds an otherworldly invasion that befalls the village of Taermbold. Adventurers must traverse Wildspace to end a threat to all who live within the Border Kingdoms.

A Four-Hour Adventure for Characters of 5th – 10th Level

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Star Crash

A starship crashes into the enemy ziggurat and a harrowing battle ensues. It is up to you to advance deeper into it to aid the Border Kingdoms. In addition to the leadership of the astral forces, you also hear of a group of Thayans in the ziggurat. What is their purpose for being there?

A Four-Hour to Six-Hour Adventure for Characters of 11th – 16th Level

Content Warnings: Mind Control, Evidence of Torture, Self-sacrificing NPC Death

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A Grim and Ravenous Arrival

High above the sky over the ruins of Castle Torn. A rift into the Astral plane tears open, an immense, contorted limb pushes through the rent to hang in the air. Mage Rymdyl is sending you to Castle Torn to locate the generator creating the arcane wards protecting the rift in the sky.

A Two-Hour to Four-Hour Adventure for Characters of 17th – 20th Level

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