Thay comes to the Border Kingdoms

From the ruins of the Red War (an Epic interactive event drawn from player role playing) was born the Dreams of Red Wizards campaign, a high-tier story arc featuring the recurring villains of Szass Tam and the Red Wizards of Thay. As of 2021, the Border Kingdoms adventures (released at Gamehole Con and Hero Camp) are integrating into this high-level, convention play series of adventures.

Can’t make it to a convention to play in these modules? You can download them shortly after the convention to run for your local Adventurers League group. Or perhaps you will find them offered at your online gaming convention. And now, with our entry into the Masters Campaign program, we are offering a number of modules for players levels 5 to 20.

For the initial story arc to release at Gamehole Con 2021, we will be offering a trilogy of modules for Tier 2 characters, a trilogy of adventures for Tier 3 characters, and a capstone Tier 4 adventure featuring writing from Ed Greenwood. A trilogy of adventures to be featured at Hero Camp 2022 will follow shortly thereafter.

For more adventures set in the Masters Campaign, check in with the other member of the Premiere Organizer Program, Baldman Games. Their offerings will be set in the Moonshaes, their reserved section of the realms.

Information on the Masters Campaign